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Air recovery for ventilation

Air recovery with a local ventilation system. An excellent solution for the renovation of older houses with moisture problems. Or new houses that are very sealed. Ventilating the room prevents the appearance of mold.

The remote recuperator has built-in sensors for humidity, heat and light. This ensures the best possible efficiency and energy saving. Air recovery is thus automated so that it serves you the most. This is especially noticeable at night, when it automatically slows down the operation so that the noise does not disturb you while you sleep. One unit is suitable for ventilating rooms of 20-50 m2 and can replace 4-68 m3 of air.

Recuperation requires one main unit to operate, to which you can connect up to 64 additional units. In this way, you can ensure fresh air throughout the entire building. The recuperators connect to each other and work together just as you set them up.

If you do not yet know what recuperation is and you are still deciding on this type of ventilation, you can contact us to help you.

Recuperator RHINOcomfort

The recuperator requires a drilled hole in the wall and electricity for installation. The exchanger is installed in a hole fi 100 or 160 mm. The recuperator comes with a tube and decorative covers. The outer grill is designed to be installed from the inside. You push it folded through the tube and open it. So you don't need access from the outside.

Ventilation is controlled via remote control or wall controller.

You can remotely set:
– Manual adjustment of ventilation: air supply from the outside, air blowing from the inside or alternating
– Automatic ventilation: which adjusts according to the conditions
– 3 fan speeds
– Night mode

Ventilation with Ecocomfort

Air recovery takes place through a heat exchanger that is hidden in a pipe and made of ceramics. The air coming from outside is purified through a G3 filter. The filter is placed on the inside so that it is easily accessible for cleaning.

RHINOcomfort recuperator, which cleans harmful substances and air pollutants with the help of PHOTOCATALYSIS.

The LED light illuminates the fan, which is coated with a special substance. This creates a special reaction that, with the help of moisture from the air, breaks down harmful substances into harmless ones.

EKOSKLAD – our recuperators are now added to the list of devices with which you can compete for financing from EKOSKLAD

The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty.